Me and my crazy 80s dance parties

As anyone who knows me can attest, I LOVE music! All kinds of music. Usually, I like listening to a mix of different genres. However, once in a while I go through days or weeks when I will only listen to music from one genre.

Right now I’m going through an 80’s music phase. I LOVE 80’s music! Although I’m a terrible dancer and I hate dancing in public, you can be sure that when I turn on my 80’s playlist I have impromptu dance parties by myself in my apartment. It’s so much fun and a great workout as well!

Sometimes my friends like to tease me for listening to what they call “corny” music, but I Don’t Care.

Although I like lots of songs from the 80s, here are two of my absolute favorites:

Although this song is so much fun to dance to, I liked it even more after I heard it on Ugly Betty, one of my favorite TV shows. On the show, Betty is worried about finding a date to a company party so she doesn’t look like a ‘loser’ in front of her ex-boyfriend. In the end she decides to go by herself, not caring what her ex might think of her. The episode ends with her on the dance floor dancing by herself to this song.

This video pairs one of my favorite 80s songs with my favorite Doctor. No further explanation needed.


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